Health Benefits

Let's be clear, FRESH IS EVERYTHING! Fresh EVOO not only tastes better, but the health benefits are significantly more impressive. For the following, we're talking about high quality extra virgin olive oil, not superstore, name brand "extra virgin" olive oil...


Unlike supermarket grades of olive oil, where up to 70% of brands were found to fail the test for Extra Virgin by a U.C. Davis published study; our EVOO’s are guaranteed to have polyphenol levels that can deliver these benefits to you. Some oils are lower than others, delivering sweet (not bitter), light and fruity taste profiles. Other oils will be more pungent (peppery sensation in the throat) and bitter (back of the tongue sensation) due to their higher polyphenol counts.

Heart Disease

The Mediterranean diet has shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, and EVOO is one of the key ingredients in this diet.

It lowers inflammation, protects 'bad' LDL cholesterol from oxidation and improves the lining of your blood vessels, which could prevent blood clotting.

Blood Pressure

It's been proven that the addition of olive oil to a diet-without changing anything else DOES lower blood pressure, and this benefit seems to be specific to olive oil. Regular consumption of olive oil decreases both systolic (maximum) and diastolic (minimum) blood pressure. 

Type 2 Diabetes

A diet that is rich in olive oil, low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fiber from fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains is the most effective approach for diabetics. Besides lowering the “bad” low density lipoproteins, this type of diet improves blood sugar control and enhances insulin sensitivity.


The phytonutrient in olive oil, oleocanthal, mimics the effect of ibuprofen in reducing inflammation, which can decrease the risk of cancer and its recurrence. Oleocanthal in EVOO causes a rupture of cancerous cells, releasing enzymes and causing cell death, without harming healthy cells.


Olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. The naturally occurring chemical (named oleocanthal by researchers), inhibits activity of cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes, a pharmacological action shared by ibuprofen. This is significant because inflammation increasingly is believed to play a key role in various chronic diseases.

Bone Health

Olive oil appears to have a favorable effect on bone calcification; and bone mineralization is better the more olive oil is consumed. Olive oil helps calcium absorption, thereby playing an important part during the period of growth and in the prevention of osteoporosis. 

Cognitive Function/Alzheimer's

Olive oil polyphenols are known to be powerful antioxidants which may help to reverse oxidative damage that occurs in the aging process. Numerous studies have shown that the oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil has the potential to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and the cognitive decline that comes with aging. This is an ongoing study with very exciting progress so far!


Olive oil is a nutrient of great biological value. Like all other fats and oils it is high in calories, which leads some to mistakenly believe that contributes to obesity. However, studies show that there is less obesity amongst the Mediterranean people, who consume the most olive oil. In fact, an olive oil rich diet leads to greater, longer lasting weight loss than a low fat diet. It's a fat that can help you lose fat.